Ever wonder why there are so few people around you that leave middle class? Why is it that as salaries increase and years making good money increases, our social status is stagnant? Unfortunately, people generally don’t know how to manage money. More to the root of the problem, people cannot control their bad impulses. Sure, you can save the little bit of money that would be considered “TYPICAL” to save. For example, the average american saves roughly 5.7% of their income. But HOW DO YOU BECOME MORE WEALTHY THAN MIDDLE CLASS??? The answer is really not far fetched and out of reach like we’re constantlyRead More →

Crash and Retire I’m here to talk to you about the ultimate social taboo, MONEY. Nobody likes talking about this stuff. Not casually. You never hear anyone by the water cooler say,”Hey Bill, guess what happened to me over the weekend! I used my rent money at the slots and blew it all. Anyways, wanna grab some Sonic with me on lunch?” Nobody likes admitting when they’re loosing control of their money. It’s ultimately a pride thing, and I’m hoping I can peel back the reservations you have with this topic and start a helpful resource for those of us wanting to excel with ourRead More →