It All Started With A Crash

Crash and Retire

I’m here to talk to you about the ultimate social taboo, MONEY. Nobody likes talking about this stuff. Not casually. You never hear anyone by the water cooler say,”Hey Bill, guess what happened to me over the weekend! I used my rent money at the slots and blew it all. Anyways, wanna grab some Sonic with me on lunch?” Nobody likes admitting when they’re loosing control of their money. It’s ultimately a pride thing, and I’m hoping I can peel back the reservations you have with this topic and start a helpful resource for those of us wanting to excel with our wallets!

Crash and Retire is a more focused pursuit, with a widespread umbrella. This sight is aimed specifically at debunking the idea of being screwed when you financially flop. Too many times the gurus and the typical financial realm are quick to scold, but don’t offer tangible next steps when finances blow up in your face. Offering a jab like, “You should have never got that loan, pay off your debt and then come talk to me.” Is not very constructive. If you knew how to, YOU WOULD. I’m offering you the “how to”.

I figured as a guy that’s about to take you on a financial boot camp, and eventually on a higher education course, you should know what I’m all about. I’m going to be blunt with you and 100% honest. Bear with me because you’ll see that I’m not making this site to rip anyone off, or mislead a single person. I am doing this because I feel that it’s right. The posts on this site will be directed completely to putting more money in your pockets and generally helping you live a fuller, happier life. Maybe you started out with the golden spoon, or lost it all late in life. You may find that I’m not so different, that what I write about can help you out. That’s really what it’s all about for me.

More On Me

So, just who am I. Who am I to create a blog about retirement? Truth be told I’m probably one of the least ‘authoritative’ figures to be giving advice on this topic. Honestly, It’s pretty funny and strange to me that I’m even typing this up at the moment. But I digress. The real authority that I do have here, is that I’m so incredibly AVERAGE. I’m a 6′ tall man with size 32 waist, medium shirt size, and size 10.5 shoes. I’m white, grew up in a blue collar household, and have a mother and father that are still happily married. I even graduated high school and went to college. But of course, if I were to keep climbing the ladder of success, I’d no longer qualify as average.

Knowing I’d need the credentials of ‘super average’ for this blog, I proceeded to drop college after the first year. Working at a minimum wage job was awful. Eventually my lost youthful self wised up, and off I went to a trade school for the blue collar career of welding. I got a job a week after graduation. So, with 20,000 beautiful dollars of debt chained to my ankle, I did my best to hit the ground running. I worked hard. Going from lower class to middle class wage I of course NEEDED a $40,000 Diesel Chevy pickup truck. Can’t be average without a car loan. Man those trucks are a blast, let me tell ya. The next notch in my ever expanding belt was when I bought a home 8 months later. After all, I was still affording to save some of my paycheck every month. COULDN’T HAVE THAT.

At this point I was promptly blowing all my money on the truck, the house, and relatively new lifestyle. It was great. I was the glowing picture of Consumerism and I was loving it. Eventually, I of course knew something was missing in my perfectly average middle class life. I was just TOO DARN HAPPY. So, in comes this gem of an offer to buy a tanning salon! Wow what a dreadful idea! So I of course accepted! Heck I financed every penny of it to boot!

Now it was just a waiting game at this point. I had read ZERO business books. Taken ZERO business courses. Reviewed ZERO actual tax documents from the business I just inhereted. Finally, I had ZERO direct involvement on the entire business. I had an ex girlfriend(current at the time) run the place. I just continued my welding career in an ignorant bliss. Eventually, as anyone could have guessed, the bills piled up. Come to find out, the business was sold to me with cooked books, and the landlord (based on her ice cold frigid unwavering block of ice for a heart) was CLEARLY born in Antarctica. In hindsight, those factors only expedited the inevitable, I had to declare bankruptcy.

Success! I’d fulfilled my dream of The Average American! Only, it felt miserable. For those of you who haven’t gone through bankruptcy, keep reading this blog so you never ever have to. The whole process is excruciating and difficult. It’s also crazy expensive when considering you know, BEING BROKE AND ALL.

So, that brings you up to speed on my formal credentials. Brought to me by the university of AMERICAN DREAM. With a major in CONSUMERISM. With a minor in SOCIETAL PRESSURE. After finalizing my bankruptcy I was relieved. At the same time, I was beat up, dirty, and probably reeked from the nervous sweats I had during the 8 month event. But, it was over. I felt peace for the first time in a long time. Unbenounced to me, I had been living an incredibly stressful life prior to my financial crash. I had so many irons in the fire that my blood pressure was rocketing as if there was a tire pump in my vein. It’s a fragile balance loading yourself to maximum stress capacity. Truly, it takes only a straw to break the camels back. So here I was, enjoying nothing. Oh I enjoyed the hell out of it too. Of course doing nothing runs out of thrills for an American consumer. Similar to the vacation running too long, I was ready for something new. I ran into a problem however. I couldn’t find the next average American thing to do. I was effectively out of bad ideas that seemed good. I wised up!

So as bankruptcies go, I knew my credit was going to be trashed. Inaccessible for the first two years or so. I decided my financial crash had sucked so bad, I was done being a victim to the world of finances. It was time to educate.

Upon a google search of what to do after bankruptcy, I was greeted with awful dreary answers. DO NOTHING. SAVE. NEVER HAVE DEBT. INVEST IN GOLD AND COINS. How ridiculous I thought. Nobody had a cut and dry system to efficiently march out of the swamp I crashed into. I was Luke Skywalker standing in a swamp looking for Yoda. The thing was, I never did find what I wanted. I spent roughly an entire year devoting 5-6 hours a day studying and reading. I would read in bed, read in grocery lines, listen to audio books and podcasts at work, or even follow financial gurus on the a.m. radio stations. I was a sponge. There is SO MUCH information out there and so much more I’m still learning to this day.

The main problem with financial gurus and the mainstream topics, are recycled materials. It’s as if mainstream finances are just a Hotel California. According to them, it’s the only way to do things. You work, pay taxes, and die. One of my least favorite cliches. According to them, after crashing financially, you’re just screwed. It’s a never ending game of catch up for the rest of your life. I’m a naturally stubborn guy and I wasn’t about to accept that. Certainly there was loopholes. It was too lofty of an idea to be impermeable. I got to work hacking the B.S. and finding the real meat and potatoes of the financial world and developed a good sense of the industry.

There are some very simple truths that just don’t get talked about because there’s no way to monetize the information! This blog is not about making slimy dollars, it’s about honestly educating the public. The TRUE American dream is about having a freedom of choice, and I’m trying to educate you on the best financial lifestyle for happiness and success.

There is a void of good financial information and when you find it, it’s often a needle in the haystack. I’ve developed a passion for finding the good out of the bad and am hoping to really impact some lives here by getting your life back on track and eventually helping you elevate it beyond what you could have thought possible. I’m talking retiring before “the projected age of 60-65.”

I’ve already learned what it takes to get out of the crash stage and am on my way to financial freedom. Let me help you expedite the process and educate you on the way!


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